• Pulling Network Cables & Terminating
  • Fiberoptic Pulling & Fusion Splicing To Minimize Losses And Maximize Efficiency
  • We’re comCables Certified Installers & Technicians- All Products Installed With Us Are Backed By A 25 Year Warranty
  • Cable Testing & Certifying
  • Fire Alarms
  • Security Systems & Card Access

Javens Electric Inc. offers the ability to supply and install, setup, and test your data cable installations. From small applications to large multi-layered applications, we can help with the design and equipment you need to have your system running smoothly and reliably. We provide our installers with the knowledge and tools needed for a quality installation at competitive costs. Labeling and identifying cables and equipment is a must.

Our installers and technicians have been comCables trained and certified to install comCables products from patch panels to wall plates. They have the most up to date equipment and are industry leaders in innovation and technology.

We can install and terminate all of you fiber optic needs whether multimode or singlemode. We have the tools and equipment to do fusion splicing to minimize losses and get the most out of your system. We have extensive experience with industrial fiber optic networks both indoor and outdoor and will help you design and layout your system for the most reliable and efficient network.

Our Industrial Automation team can help you get the most out of your industrial equipment by networking your machines and equipment for plant wide monitoring and data collections. We will help you decide whether you need fiber optics or copper, a managed system or an unmanaged system. Call us to let us help you get set up with the right equipment and networks today.

We can help you set up and install your CCTV system for process monitoring or security using networking and the latest equipment available. Using CCTV systems can help prevent production downtime and reduce your employee load by monitoring processes from remote locations.