Thermal Imaging

You May Have Hidden Hot Spots In Your Electrical & Mechanical Installations. Save Downtime, Equipment Damage, and Even A Fire By Having Us Perform A Complete Thermal Imaging Survey.

We’ll Check For Loose Connections, Failing Equipment & Overloaded Circuits And Provide You With A Full Report, Complete With Pictures. We Can Help You Make The Needed Repairs To Prevent A Complete Shutdown Or Worse Yet, A Fire.

Arc Flash

Avoid OSHA Fines Or Even Worse, An Arc Flash Accident Capable of Severe Injury Or Death.

OSHA Regulation Section 29-CFR, part 1910, Subpart S Requires All Commercial & Industrial Facilities To Have Arc Flash Labeling. Our Onsite Survey And Analysis Will Show What The Capable Arc Faults & Hazards Are And Print Stickers With The Appropriate PPE On The Label For Compliance.